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Thank You x Hijinx - Knox In the Kitchen Deck

Thank You x Hijinx - Knox In the Kitchen Deck

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Thank You x Hi-Jinx Project Knox Godoy Guest BRO model.

In the early 00's, Knox Godoy was everything your parents hated about skateboarding, in the form of a 7 year old boy. He was a little redhead kid from the Baker clan who cursed more than you, skated better than you, and was a complete shithead to everyone (At least, according to the Baker videos). He was the ultimate shitstirrer and it was characters like this that helped make Baker become the most raw, exciting and mischievous brand at the time.

Teaming up with Knox to bring you MORE HIJINX..
we've capsulated a nostalgic collaboration with a blast to the past artwork element from the original Baker Bootleg era.


J Strickland is the most polarizing man in skateboarding you've never heard of. Being TM of Birdhouse in the 90's during the "THE END" era, then moving on to doing freelance filming and photography, in 1998 J created a hijinx independent skate video called BAKER BOOTLEG which concieved the artistic foundation of Baker Skateboards and their iconic logo.. J later brought into existence the Baker 2G video, Bootleg Skateboards and much more as an artist that he now rarely contributes to skateboarding. In our honor, thank you for working with us J!

100% RAW, 100% FUN.

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