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Thank You Apocalypse Series - Danny Hamaguchi

Thank You Apocalypse Series - Danny Hamaguchi

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The Thank You Apocalypse series is a visual symphony of horror that invites you to embrace the mystery and roll with optimism through the chaos.

A set of four skateboards that weave a chilling tale. Unveiling a panoramic scene of a zombie apocalypse in flames, unfolding from the perspective of four resilient and stylish ladies facing the impending mayhem.

Peering into the graphic within the graphic – inside the sunglasses of these fearless women lies a glimpse of the chaotic madness, a reflection of the hectic apocalypse right before them.

But the story takes an unexpected turn – a thrilling Easter egg awaits with each pro deck featuring a zombie character, none other than the likenesses of Torey Pudwill, David Reyes, Danny Hamaguchi, and Daewon Song.
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