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Jeron Wilson Guest Model Deck

Jeron Wilson Guest Model Deck

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Skateboarding has been around since the 1950s and has seen its fair share of legends throughout the years. Jeron Wilson has been a major influence on the skateboarding world for over three decades. In honor of his contributions to both the game and the community, Thank You Skateboards is proud to pay homage to this professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and all-around good guy by honoring him with his own guest model.

Together, we’ve created a limited edition deck available in two different shape variations, including a newly revised and fully-skateable authentic old school shape, inspired by Tony Hawk from the golden era of skateboarding. Also, a new modernized popsicle shape designed by Jeron himself.

In celebration of the life and career of legendary pro skateboarder, Jeron Wilson’s Guest Model deck is sure to become a collector's item for skateboarding fans around the world. Skateboarding wouldn't be what it is today without legends like Jeron Wilson paving the way – Thank You for everything Jeron!

Keep an eye out for Thank You's “Jeron Wilson Retrospective” commemorative video, shining the light on the history of Jeron’s skateboard career and what he will do next.

A portion of proceeds from sales of this decks will be donated to give back and help support Legend’s (Jeron’s son) elementary school.

Thanks for the support!

• Custom Thank You x Jeron Wilson Top Graphic



8.0 X 31 3/8” - WHEELBASE = 14” •  NOSE = 7” • TAIL = 6 5/8”
8.25 X 31 7/8” - WHEELBASE = 14 3/8” • NOSE = 7 1/4” • TAIL = 6 3/4”
8.5 X 32 3/8” - WHEELBASE = 14.5 “• NOSE 7 3/8” • TAIL = 6 3/4”
8.625 X 32 3/8” - WHEELBASE = 14.5” • NOSE = 7 3/8” • TAIL = 6 3/4”
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