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Thank You Skateboards pridefully supports skate shops across the globe who continuously work hard to push the skateboard culture further in their communities. Weather buying your first skateboard , gearing up on fresh new product or simply stopping by to say whats up and skim through the latest Thrasher Magazine... you can always count on your local skate shop to take care of you! 

Check out our latest Thank You Skateshop Collaborations and pop in the shop next time your in the area. We hope to pay a visit to your hometown soon! 


Twilo Skate Corner has released a new collection with a strong Indonesian protective spirit figure and cultures.

The ‘Beauty Of Nusantara Fangs’ collection was created as one of the forms of love of Twilo Troops to the Indonesian ‘spirit’ figures with strong characteristic, that is Ondel- Ondel & Barong and this also an act / form of appreciation from Thank You about Indonesian culture. Twilo Skate Corner and Thank You who were born and fought in the “concrete” on the same spirit and vision; it’s about skateboarding, culture and creating the positive vibes inside, as well as skateboarding existence became the pride of the people of all around the worlds and this collaboration aimed at those skateboarder and the lover about skate and the “culture things”.  Rafli (Twilo Team Rider) explained the essential message in this collaboration collection from his perspective. “This collaboration is about an effort to lift the interest of the Indonesian people at large, to pay attention together to the Indonesian cultural heritage starting from a small step, kind of supporting the existence of our cultural heritage from our area; at lease!, or the place where we came from, according to our ability to collaborate to build positive and mutual progress, especially for Indonesian cultures through skateboarding.”

Design & Assembled in California by Joshua Clements (Thank You Skate Co.) The products in the new collections 'Beauty of Nusantara Fangs' feature unique illustration about capturing thing a beautiful day in Bali Island, exactly Barong home and complicated situation of Ondel - Ondel live in Jakarta night, it is the both graphics on the main boards collection at the launch of the first batch, coming alongside with a beautiful misty grey and navy T-shirt with Ondel-Ondel and Barong graphics on the back that represent a sense of spirit and stive. In the second batch featured a wide selection of Hoodie hanging with pride the collaboration logo in the front-and-left side hand of hoodie, figure graphics with solid prints on the chest in black and navy color and strong details according to the character of each brand devote on the collaboration product this time; All of these latest collaboration collections can in short be used by anyone in conditions we can create together.

Full details about ‘Beauty of Nusantara Fangs’ collaboration collections can be found on the Twilo Skate Corner IG’S

Click here to view full collection


Thank You x Familia Collaboration

Limited Edition MPLS deck with Minnesota's finest; Familia Skate Shop.   

Familia lives up to its hype being a well know and highly respected skater owned and skater ran skate shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota started by professional skateboarder Steve Nesser. 

Visit for more insight of their other exclusive drops and releases. 

Thank You X Familia decks are available exclusively in-store at Familia and online for a limited time.

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In collaboration with Apt. Skateshop located in Torrance, CA, we've come together to bring you a limited edition logo deck as a nod to the walls and colors that represent the shop so well.

These boards are very limited and are also available in store only at Apt. Skateshop while supplies last!

Click here for online availability.

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